In addition to those duties included within our Letting and Rent Collection Service, the Landlord requires Cavendish & Co (the Agents) to be his general Agents in respect of the property and, for the purposes of enabling the Agents to perform efficiently the duties of such general agency, hereby appoints the Agents to be his attorney and, on his behalf but at the sole discretion of the Agents, to do and execute all and any of the following acts.

1. To effect minor repairs to the property up to the amount of £350 (each and every repair) and to replace or repair any item of furniture or equipment if considered defective by the Agents.

2. To inspect the property every sixth month throughout the tenancy and, if appropriate, forward a written report to the Landlord, and subsequently (in the event of an agreed extension of the tenancy) every third month thereafter. These and any further additional visits, plus the initial 'Check In' and the final 'Check Out' of the tenant, will be charged to the Landlord in accordance with the scale of fees appended hereto.

3. If the Landlord has not made alternative arrangements and providing that the Landlord's management account is in credit, to pay all taxes, charges, appropriate expenses and outgoings as demanded from time to time payable in respect of the property which is the subject of this agreement.

4. To demand and make every reasonable effort to recover from the tenant all the rents and sums of money payable and, under specific instructions, assist with all necessary steps, whether by action, distress or otherwise, to recover any rent or other sum of money in arrears due and owing.

5. To grant or renew the tenancy agreement at the same rent as previously agreed by the Landlord or as determined by the Agent to be in the Landlord's best interest.

6. To sign and give lawful notice to any tenant to quit or to repair or to abate a nuisance or remedy a breach of covenant or for any other purposes whatsoever and to accept surrender of leases or tenancy agreements upon whatsoever terms the Agents think fit.

7. To commence any action or legal proceedings in the name of the Landlord in any court or, on the Landlord's behalf, to submit to arbitration for any purposes necessary to preserve the Agents' rights and property and to defend all actions or other legal proceeding that may be brought against the Landlord in connection with the property.

The Landlord will be responsible for the cost of any court or other legal action to which he is a party and hereby indemnifies the Agents in respect thereof.

8. To warn off and prohibit and, if necessary, proceed as they become known to us.

9. In general, for the purposes of the agency, to perform every other act usually performed by letting or managing agents to all intents and purposes as the Landlord could himself do personally, the Landlord hereby agrees to ratify whatsoever the agents shall lawfully do in relation to the property.

10. To collect deposits and hold the same as 'stakeholders' and at the discretion of the Agent to return any sum considered due to the tenant. All interest due upon the said deposit shall belong to the Agents.

11. The Management Service is only provided during the term of the tenancy and is not available for void periods except by express written agreement.